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2014 is coming to an end and so are your chances to find 20 hours to renew! 

Please note you only have  2 months left!

We are offering a 20 hr prepaid  package!
Now  only $160 by check in the mail or
$160 by credit card online!
Offer  has been extended  until  September 30th  2014

Also keep in mind the new renewal process
that  Florida state board will start on January 1st 2013 and will
be in effect for renewal December 2014
This will affect all Opticians!
All license renewals will require proof of hours!
This means if your hours are not in cebroker for them
to verify,  you will be required to show them your certificates.
Lets examine that statement carefully,   When you attend classes, we the provider are allowed 90 days to input
the completed hours into cebroker, and during a busy 'season' maybe a bit longer. (like the end of 2014 busy)
This means if you wait until October/November of 2014 to take or finish your hours, it will be your responsibility
to show your proof of certificates of attendance.   Now this gets complicated by homestudy hours being
taken during summer/fall of 2014 as you may be able to see the problems there.  
So...PLEASE take your hours early!!!!

Remember our membership includes all the hours required by your State Board at no extra charge,  ever! 
Membership is non refundable
but you may transfer it by request.
Please call if you need help.

Florida CEC requirements

11 hrs Technical (4 hrs in CL if Bd Cert Licensed)
2hrs Laws and Rules
2hrs Prevention of Medical Errors
5hr of Elective (not mandatory, these may be Technical)

Up to 5 of the 20 hours may be taken as homestudy/online courses  We now offer 8 hours to choose from!
We are working on new courses that will be in the webinar format for this biennium.  More will be announced by January 2015

UPDATE:  As of 07/27/2008 the HIV/AIDS course is no longer a requirement for everyone.
                 The HIV/AIDS 1 hr course is only required by first time renewals.
                 REMEMBER that you can still take the credit for the HIV/AIDS course as an elective!

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